Instructions for using "Gorgomyte"
- Remove the strings from your instrument.

- Cut JJ's Gorgomyte Polishing cloth into 2" squares. Use
one         square  for the entire neck. Store the remaining squares
in  the resealable bag for future cleaning and conditioning.

- Start at the first fret, rub JJ's Gorgomyte Polishing Cloth over
the entire fingerboard and frets, and work your way towards the  
bridge  end of the neck, turning your cloth as you work your way
up the neck. The cloth will turn black quickly. These are
impurities being drawn out.

- With a separate soft clean, dry 100% cotton cloth (An old
clean    cotton t-shirt or cotton face cloth works best), buff
the                  conditioned fingerboard and frets until all the dirt
is removed.

- Restring your instrument and feel how much smoother
she         plays and how brightly the frets gleam.

- Your frets are now smoother and shinier than when they were    
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