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No matter whether it's Peter Frampton, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Shaw or any of the other Super Star artists we
, they all have one thing in common. Their instruments HAVE to be in top playing form. At this level of
the game there are no excuses for anything less than perfection. This is why they all choose Gorgomyte to
condition their fingerboards and polish their frets. Join the rapidly growing list of artists and techs around the
globe who have discovered the wonders of JJ's Gorgomyte and thrown away their steel wool. Just like them,
You'll never turn back.

The frets and fingerboard of your guitar get more hands on use, and often abuse, than any other area of the
instrument. The fine wood gets gummed up with finger oils and dirt. The frets collect these impurities too,
making them dull and less than smooth. Why then is this the one area we tend to neglect when it's clean up
time? The reason is that it has always been a messy, delicate and time consuming job. Getting the wood back
to it's original luster and the frets shining meant using potentially damaging and abrasive products like steel
wool. Turn an hour long task into just a few minutes and get results you never thought possible with
                                                                 You WILL be amazed
I began working on guitars over 30 years ago and in that time I've worked for some of the world's most
famous players. Over the years I have tried many techniques but have found NOTHING that
works better at cleaning and polishing fingerboards and frets than JJ's Gorgomyte. Gorgomyte is an
enviromentaly safe, non toxic treated cloth for the polishing of steel frets along with natural oils to condition
and bring out the natural beauty and luster of the fine wood in your fingerboard. Gorgomyte is
biodegradable and you don't need to wear gloves when handling it. It is totally safe on your skin. Your notes
will ring truer and your guitar's action and sustain will improve greatly after treating your instrument with JJ's
Gorgomyte. Shiny clean frets not only look great, but feel amazing. What surprises luthiers and techs is how
great the wood looks after just a quick wipe down. It's fast, easy and totally non abrasive. You could use
JJ's Gorgomyte everyday and never wear out your frets. Never use steel wool again!!!!