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I read the testimonials, and as a luthier for over thirty years, I had to give
this "Gorgomyte" a try.
After just one quick pass of this lemon oil treated cloth I was a believer. I've
been polishing frets for years the same way everybody else does, with steel
wool. Never again. Not only is it easier, it's better for the instrument. I've
been careful to use the steel wool sparingly but it's still removing precious
fret wire. I wish I had this stuff when I was just starting out. Guitars I work
on never looked or played better.
Thanks JJ
Trevor Saunders, Luthier
This stuff is revolutionary! It changed what used to be an hour long
masking and polishing process in my shop and turned it into a five minute
job, INCREDIBLE! Buffs right off too. What a truly amazing advancement.
Thanks so much Gorgomyte.
Dave G  Etters, PA
Works just as they say it does!
I will buy this again when I use up my first order. A real advance in
cleaning and restoring, A+!
Josh Winkelstein  Saline, MI
It's better than you think.
I was a little wary of a product that made this many claims. I decided to
give Gorgomyte a try, and it really does clean up the fretboard and frets
like they say! I had a customer guitar with frets the color of cold dirty
solder, and I tried the Gorgomyte on then. You would not believe how
shiny and bright they are.
I highly recommend this product.
Gemini Guitars  Edmond, OK
Works as advertised. Amazing product.
Unless someone pours concrete onto a fretboard, I'll never have to use
steel wool again.
uk_blaster  Providence, RI
Throw your steel wool in the trash!
Gorgomyte is "the" product to use to clean your frets, bar none. It makes
them shine and feel super slippery to the touch. It is safe for all types of
fingerboards and best of all, its easy to use. This ones a no brainier folks.
Earl Cobb  Richland, Ga
This stuff actually works as well as advertised. I couldn't believe
how much dirt and grime came off my fingerboards and frets after using
Gorgomyte. In addition to cleaning and conditioning, it actually makes the
instrument play smoother, which is a nice treat. Anyone who owns a
fretted instrument would benefit from using this product. It's also very
handy for polishing metal fingerpicks, which is great if you're a
fingerpicker like me. I love this stuff and I'll be buying more in the very
near future.
J.D.  Morgantown, WV
Definitely worth it. Frets look fantastic. You'll see the difference
between every fret you finish and the next one down the neck.
Chris T.  Tampa, FL.
Buy it. Buy it now. The Gorgomyte cloth works so amazingly well, it is
hard to believe that a single product could so vastly improve the feel of
your guitar.
I don't have the proper words to describe how amazing it is. Trust me.
Buy it.
Dave R.  Toronto
I can't believe how clean this cloth gets my fretboards and frets.
My guitars look awesome and my fingers glide over the polished frets. I'm
not the greatest player in the world but I can swear it even cuts down on
string buzz too. Easy to use and better than pro results (my guitars never
looked this good after having them serviced). Buy these cloths & you
won't be disappointed. Good job, Jimmy.
Perry DiMarco  Farmingdale, NY
Wow! this stuff is simply fantastic. just a small square is all you need
for a neck - leaves frets shining better than steel wool or dremel methods,
much quicker too. Makes old, rusty frets shine like new. i like the coconut
smell as well. Used it on a half dozen guitars & basses - superb results.
thanks for making this available!
Bifftar  Mad, WI